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As a photography student in San Francisco, many of our art assignments included visiting museums and art galleries. I was forced (oh darn) to really look at the art, form real opinions on it, and write papers about it (maybe the only downside). I'm grateful for those days because it sparked so much joy and inspiration as a photographer. When I moved to Modesto, I thought I might not have many opportunities to see art (let alone purchase it). I was dead wrong. This city is overflowing with talented artist and I'm so lucky to be surrounded by it all. I love being able to support local artists and love them for making their art available. My dream is to have my house feel like a homey art gallery where you'd want to sit, drink coffee, and discuss everything (or nothing) and I think I'm well on my way. I wanted to share some of the art that is in my house and give shoutouts to the insanely talented artists who make it. (Most are local to Modesto, but not all)

"every house is HAUNTED when you bring your own GHOSTS" 

Broad Sides (A collaboration between Artist, Chelsea America & Poet, Dana Koster) Modesto, CA Instagram: @broad.sides 

This is the newest addition to my art collection and I absolutely love it. It's by Broad Sides (aka two amazing women who work together to create magic). When I purchased it last month via Instagram, I imagined it in my hallway against the peach mimosa paint. So that's where it went.

Top Left: Frida by Lauren Mckenzie Noel (Cleveland, OH) Instagram: @ladynoel_designs 

Top Right: painting by Kristan Ward (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @_howl

Bottom Left Left: feathers by Marisa Redondo AKA River Luna Art (Lodi, CA) Instagram: 

I really love this corner of my house. It has new art mixed with old art along with a yard sale find. I get the most compliments on the bad ass painting by Kristan, who I've known for what feels like forever and used to watch her paint when we were teenagers. I've been able to watch her grow as an artist and was over the moon when I purchased this piece. 

Left: Fat Bird by Mike Mitchell Instagram: @sirmitchell 

I have a fat bird obsession. I've purchased a few of them and wish I could snag some more but they sell out very fast. I grew up birdwatching with my dad so It's nice to have some birds in the house. Especially, cute little fat ones. 

Right: Poppies by Candace aka Lovely Woods (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @lovely.woods

Candace is wildly talented. She carves these stamps by hand and there is so much detail in them. My sister and I went to ModShop this year and we both purchased the same wooden board of poppies. I love poppies but I also love the fact that even though my sister lives in New York, we can both look at our poppies and think of each other. 

"indigo indigoing indigone" Chelsea America (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @chelsea_america

As a mom, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I admit I'm a terrible cook but I try anyway (and thanks to Pinterest I'm getting better). I also hide in my kitchen when my kid is driving me crazy and when I look up at this distraught woman, I find comfort in the fact that I'm not alone. 

Family portrait - Lauren Mckenzie Noel (Cleveland, OH) Instagram: @ladynoel_designs 

One of my favorite pieces of art in my whole house. I have purchased many wonderful pieces from Lady Noel but this one has my heart.

Painting by Sandra Collins (me)

Lower art by Jake Schroeder (San Luis Obispo, CA) Instagram: @hairynscary

Photograph by Sandra Collins (me) taken in Modesto, CA

I spent a LOT of time in the color darkroom as a student at MJC and this was always one of my favorite prints. It hangs out in my entryway with the birds. 

Hearts by Nicholas 'squid' Collins - made in Miss Bianca Barrett's Mini Day Madness Art Class

My son LOVES Miss Bianca and has a blast learning all art forms in her classes. We are so grateful for her knowledge and passion of teaching art to kids. I let him know his art has value and hang his favorites up around the house. 

Cat = Dixie--->

Unicorn origami by Chris of Myth & Arrow Press (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @mythandarrowpress

Chris's prints have such a rich feel and texture combined with beautiful detail and color. I really enjoy having this piece in my office. It helps me to remember to be a badass, like the woman riding the origami unicorn. 

Calligraphy Mirror - hand written by Holly of Holly Anna Calligraphy (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @hollyannacalligraphy

This mirror was hanging next to the entryway of my wedding last year and I love it so much I have yet to erase it. I know, it's probably time. 


Shelf by Michael Marino of Marino Woodworks (Modesto, CA) Instagram: @marino_woodworks

My bestie (Serena) hired our buddy Michael to make mountain shelves as a surprise Christmas gift. He came over and installed it, which was the best part because I suck at hanging things. While he was here, I put him to work straightening and rehanging art all over my house. (Thanks again!)

Painting by Maggie Camps (Modesto, CA - now resides in Ecuador) Instagram: @paintx

This is one of the first paintings I purchased back in 2008 or so. It was hanging in Picasso's Deli where I would get lunch from time to time when I worked at the City of Modesto. I couldn't really afford it, so Jordi (owner of Picasso's and amazing artist himself) let me make payments on it over a few months. Basically, he's the best and always makes me feel like family when I go back. This one painting fueled my desire to start collecting art. 


This is just a glimpse of some of the art that enhances my walls and makes my house feel special. I'm excited to add more and more, as I'm sure I'll never stop buying and creating art. 


If you're interested in local art, a great place to start is the Third Thursday Art Walk every month downtown Modesto.


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