Step 1: Check out my price packages.

Step 2: Contact me via text or e-mail and let me know you'd like to book a session!

Step 3: We pick a location.

Step 4: Go pick out a rad outfit and consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done.

Step 5: Meet me on the day/time and at the location we decided upon.

Step 6: I will upload all of your images into a private gallery for you to choose which images you'd like me to edit.

Step 7: Once you have chosen your desired edits, share them with me, I will edit them in color AND black and white.

Step 8: Once edited, I will upload your images back into your gallery and you will be able to download them straight out of your gallery. 

Step 9: Download away!

I recommend printing from or from 

Avoid: Walgreens & cvs (they alter color and diminish quality) 

I genuinely Love meeting new clients, watching families grow, and preserving magic moments in your lives. I can’t wait to meet you!