How do I book a Session? What are the steps? What is your process?

Step 1: Check out my price packages.

People often ask why I charge so little. My honest answer: I can't charge more than I would pay myself. We did not have a lot of money growing up and took ONE professional family photograph ONCE. Being the youngest of four growing up, there are approximately 4 photographs of me when I was little. I think this is where my obsession with preserving memories comes from and my desire to do it at an affordable price.

Step 2: Contact me via text or e-mail and let me know you'd like to book a session!

Let me know which days of the week work best and I will give you my availability. Ask as many questions as you'd like and give me as much information as possible. I will give my honest recommendations if you're unsure how long your photo session should be. If you have young kids, they do not typically cooperate for more than 30 minutes (even when I play my tiny harmonica and meow at them to get their attention). But you know your children better than I do. :)

Step 3: We pick a location.

Most people ask me to pick a location for them based on what feel/tone they want (nature, industrial, country, etc). We agree on a location. (If it is more than 30 minutes outside of Modesto, there may be a travel fee).

Step 4: Go pick out a rad outfit and consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done.

I only say this because the better you feel the more magical you will feel and that WILL radiate in your photographs. Can't figure out what will match or look good? Ask me! I will most likely send you some links to Pinterest. There are wonderful ideas for visual folks such as myself. 

Step 5: Meet me on the day/time and at the location we decided upon.

Please bring payment to your session. I accept cash, check, or I can e-mail you an invoice. I do not charge a retainer fee (unless you are booking a wedding). If you cancel less than 24 hours before our session and we need to reschedule, I may request a retainer fee at that point for the rescheduled session. 

Step 6: I will upload all of your images into a private gallery for you to choose which images you'd like me to edit.

All the images in the gallery will be completely unedited so the final product will be even more magical. One HUGE bonus of choosing me, I allow you to download ALL the proofs in your gallery so you will have access to 100+ unedited images. Why do I do that? Well, what am I going to do with 100-200 images of your family? Hold them hostage for more money? No, you will have access to all of them :) 

Step 7: Once you have chosen your desired edits, share them with me, I will edit them in color AND black and white.

Say what? Yes, I love color and black and white and have a hard time choosing between the two so you will get both. If you want extra images edited, I can edit them for an additional $10 per image. My turn around time is 2-7 days from the day you notify me you have chosen your images. 

Step 8: Once edited, I will upload your images back into your gallery and you will be able to download them straight out of your gallery. 

Step 9: Download away!

I recommend printing from or from 

Avoid: Walgreens & cvs (they butcher color and their prints are awful) 

Step 10: Head over to Yelp and give me a shout out. 

I genuinely Love meeting new clients, watching families grow, and preserving magic moments in your lives. I can’t wait to meet you!